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MERR is on call 24/7 to provide rescue and care for marine mammals and sea turtles that might be ill, injured, entangled or otherwise in need. In addition, we conduct research on those animals that have died so that we can glean information on the animal, the cause of death, more about the species, and ocean health. We contribute this information to Federal, state and local entities, as well as researchers and others in the marine conservation field. MERR conducts education and outreach programs throughout the state on the topic of marine mammal and sea turtle ecology and conservation. We believe that education is the most important key to conservation.

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Be on the lookout for the

'Whale Mobile'

This Ford Transit Van, aka the "Whale Mobile" will be used primarily for education and Outreach and will soon be customized with an ocean theme inside and out, to amaze, educate and entertain students and other visitors. Our programs will now be able to reach many more people thanks to our traveling ocean classroom. The van may also be used to rescue and transport larger marine animals safely and securely. The van acquisition was made possible through a generous grant from Merck's Neighbor of Choice Award, as well as donations from Dogfish, the Village Improvement Association, MERR supporters and members of the public.


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