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February 9,  2020 

MERR arrived in the early afternoon to a very young gray seal pup by the Lifesaving Station south of Dewey Beach. It was observed to have serious wounds around its neck, and given the youth of the seal, it was decided to transport the seal to a rehabilitation facility. 

A team of eight MERR volunteers assisted in the rescue, crating and transportation of the seal to representatives at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

February 27  2022 

MERR rescued a young male harp seal in North Shores in Rehoboth this Tuesday. The seal was observed by a beachgoer who was concerned when he saw the seal rolling around on its back in the sand. This is sometimes an indication that the seal is infested with lice. Luckily for the seal, the beachgoer called MERR to report this little guy. The seal was assessed as being underweight in addition to his behaviors, so the decision was made to rescue him immediately. He was very alert and lively during the rescue, which is a good sign. He was collected from the beach and taken back to MERR for treatment and assessment, and then transported to the National Aquarium that evening for the remainder of his rehabilitation.

MARCH 19, 2019
MERR rescued a very robust yearling harp seal from a field up in New Castle yesterday. The seal had crawled out of the Delaware River and up into a field on the property of Occidental Chemical, near the refineries. Covered in mud and blending in with the grasses, this seal was very lucky to be found by the manager there, who reported him to us. Named "Jack" after the man who saved him, the seal was rescued by MERR and released down in Coastal Sussex. Jack was last seen making a hasty retreat into the water and heading straight out towards the ocean.​