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There are countless ways to help support MERR Institute and the various projects in which we are engaged. Most importantly, you can become A MEMBER, which helps support what we do year-round. 

Additionally, you can become a VOLUNTEER, which is essential to our many EDUCATIONAL and OUTREACH programs, rescue and response, and collecting valuable data to share with colleagues. 

College-age students are urged to apply for an INTERNSHIP with MERR, which provides a hands-on approach to rescue, response, and research. 

Even if you don't live in a coastal area, there are other ways you can help protect the ocean inhabitants by EDUCATING yourself about small changes that can be made on a daily basis to make our world more ocean-friendly. 



Anyone can help MERR by picking up refuse in the area and tracking it with Marine Debris Tracker app. 

NERR is now part of National Geographic's Marine Debris Tracker app and can be downloaded on both Apple and Adroid devices. 

Simply select MERR as your organization and take note of all the items you find in and around your area. 

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