Join us for the virtual MERR Fin-raiser on Saturday, Nov. 13., featuring raffles, silent auctions, fund-a-need presentations, music and more! 

All proceeds will go to help in the rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals and sea turtles. 

MERR will stream the event on this site, and throughout the week participants will have the opportunity to bid on auction items and raffles from many of the incredible donations from local establishments, including:

  • vacations

  • restaurants

  • sporting goods

  • arts and crafts

Help make your Finraiser experience more festive with our beautiful reusable tote bags filled with two insulated wine tumblers, your preference of a bottle of red or white wine, or one of each, and boxes of delectable treats.  The tote bags are made of heavy-duty cotton and organic jute, with sturdy rope handles, and the tumblers are stainless steel, BPA free, with double-wall insulation to provide temperature retention for hot or cold beverages, with no slip bottoms and lids.  The tote bags and tumblers are customized with the MERR logo and inspirational message, and both items will be enjoyed for many years to come.  Cost per bag with one bottle of wine is $75.  Cost for two bottles is $85.00.


Wines will be provided by Bin 66, with several selections of each.  Reserve your VIP bags now, and you will be sent an email to help you select your choice from the list of Varietals that we will be offering.  

VIP bags will be available for pick up at MERR on Saturday, November 13th from Noon-3:00pm.  If you are unable to pick up during that time frame, we will do our best to make other arrangements."

Email to specify whether they want red or white wine


Bags will be available for pick up at MERR on 11/13 from Noon till 3:00 pm.

Our JULY 25th tour is SOLD OUT! Get your tickets for Aug. 8 now!


MERR is on call 24/7 to provide rescue and care for marine mammals and sea turtles that might be ill, injured, entangled or otherwise in need. In addition, we conduct research on those animals that have died so that we can glean information on the animal, the cause of death, more about the species, and ocean health. We contribute this information to Federal, state and local entities, as well as researchers and others in the marine conservation field. MERR conducts education and outreach programs throughout the state on the topic of marine mammal and sea turtle ecology and conservation. We believe that education is the most important key to conservation.


Delaware Governor John Carney signed into law a bill that will have a large impact on ocean life and the marine environment in the First State. 

MERR has worked with legislators for several years to get this bill in place. Special thanks to Senator Stephanie Hansen for spearheading this bill and to Rep. Debra Heffernan.


Special thanks to the students in Mr. Ott's class at Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences for their efforts towards this goal. Their passion helped create positive change in their home state. 

MERR would also like to acknowledge Plastic Free Delaware for its efforts in getting this passed.

Balloons are responsible for the deaths of 100,000 animals each year. 58% of those animals are sea turtles. This bill helps to protect marine life and other wildlife from this terrible fate.


You can find alternatives for balloon releases at celebrations of life on MERR's website.


Help to spread the word about the harmful effects of balloons.

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