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There are countless ways to help support MERR Institute and the various projects in which we are engaged. Most importantly, you can become A MEMBER, which helps support what we do year-round. 

Additionally, you can become a VOLUNTEER, which is essential to our many EDUCATIONAL and OUTREACH programs, rescue and response, and collecting valuable data to share with colleagues. 

College-age students are urged to apply for an INTERNSHIP with MERR, which provides a hands-on approach to rescue, response, and research. 

Even if you don't live in a coastal area, there are other ways you can help protect the ocean inhabitants by EDUCATING yourself about small changes that can be made on a daily basis to make our world more ocean-friendly. 



Cualquiera puede ayudar a MERR recogiendo basura en el área y rastreándola con la aplicación Marine Debris Tracker.  

NERR ahora es parte de la aplicación Marine Debris Tracker de National Geographic y se puede descargar en dispositivos Apple y Android.  

Simplemente seleccione MERR como su organización y tome nota de todos los elementos que encuentre en su área y sus alrededores. 

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