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A continuación se enumeran varias organizaciones dedicadas a la conservación del océano y sus habitantes. 

Whale & Dolphin Conservation

An international non-profit working toward the conservation and welfare of all cetaceans


A non-profit international advocacy organization dedicated to restoring and protecting the world's oceans through policy advocacy, science, law, and public education.

Ocean Research Foundation

A non-profit marine conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of the global marine environment and its biological diversity.


A communications-based nonprofit organization that uses social marketing techniques to advance ocean conservation


Greenpeace's oceans campaign focus on: overfishing, pirate fishing, whaling, and intensive shrimp aquaculture

World Wildlife Fund

WWF's Endangered Seas Program works globally to campaign, lobby, develop and advocate solutions, commission and publish impartial data, advise, and champion the conservation of the marine environment

Conservation International

A worldwide non-profit organization working to apply innovations in science, economics, policy and community participation to protect biodiversity in key marine ecosystems

Ocean Conservancy

Serves to protect ocean ecosystems and conserve the global abundance and diversity of marine wildlife through science-based advocacy, research, and public education

World Cetacean Alliance

A not-for-profit network of non-governmental organizations committed to preserving marine biodiversity and reducing human impact on cetacean populations.

The Nature Conservancy

The Conservancy's Global Marine Initiative is an effort to protect plant and animal life and safeguard the benefits the oceans provide

Surfrider Foundation

A non-profit organization to protect our oceans, waves, and beaches through its 60 chapters

Save Our Seas

An international non-profit dedicated to preserving, protecting, and restoring the oceans through reef research and monitoring, beach cleanups, and safe boating instruction.

Ocean Conservation Society

Educational programs & scientific research to help protect our seas

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