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How technology can help curb attention disorders

Zeal Goolesby

Mar 19, 2023

MERR believes that through education, positive change can be accomplished. How are people supposed to know to stay 150 feet away from seals if they’re never taught? How does marine debris and safe boating become common knowledge if it’s not shared? 

To make such knowledge accessible, our education programs are free and available for any school, library or organization. Through interactive activities, such as measuring marine animals and exploring the inside of our life size humpback whale, children learn about marine animals and conservation. MERR provided 30 education programs this year, across all three Delaware counties. 

Jöelle, one of our education volunteers, helped facilitate many of our children’s programs, bringing her natural teaching talent with her. Our programs ranged from teaching elementary and middle schoolers in their gymnasiums large enough to fit Humphrey the Humpback whale, to Science Days where all ages are welcomed to stop by and learn stories of our rescues! The education programs are the highlight of the day for our volunteers and staff. Hearing questions we’ve never thought of before and watching eyes light up upon spotting the artifacts are what fuel our hope for the future of Marine life. 

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